Different Uses of Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom EmbroideredPatches or cloth badges are pieces of embroidery that are created using materials such as thread and fabric backing. An embroidered patch can be attached to any form of clothing or apparel through sewing or pinning. However, due to the improvement in technology, a cloth badge can now be attached to clothing using Velcro, heat-activated adhesive and iron-on.

How Patches Help Businesses

For some, adding a patch to a shirt or a cap is a simple idea. However, what they do not realize that putting an embroidered patch on various merchandises can help a business or a start up in many ways:

  •   Brand Identity. A patch is similar to a business’ logo. It provides brand identity for the company and creates brand awareness for the target market. It represents certainty and stability, as your patch is an extension of your brand.
  •   Uniformity. Most custom embroidered patches are attached and sewn on uniforms. Whether they are attached on a uniform of a police officer or on a uniform or a student, the embroidered cloth badges still represent something. They represent an organization or a team in order to promote uniformity.
  •   Marketing. Adding a patch to your brand’s merchandises such shirts, bags, caps and other accessories is a great way to promote your brand. Each customer who purchases your patched products is a walking advertisement. Wherever your customers go, they are advertising your brand without even realizing it. They are showcasing your brand name and logo to other target customers. As a result, you are also expanding your brand awareness using a small, simple and effective marketing tool.

A patch may be a small and simple embroidered badge, but it can help establish a brand name with just one look.

patches4less: Creating Custom Embroidered Patches

Creating a patch for your business logo can make or break your entire marketing efforts. Therefore, you should only trust experienced companies that create high-quality custom embroidered patches.

Patches4less creates customized cloth badges and iron-on emblems that are designed according to your needs. We are your one-stop custom patch shop that specializes in creating patches that are suitable for any purpose or occasion. Whether you want a personalized patch or a uniformed patch, we can create them easily for you.

Work With patches4less

When it comes to creating custom embroidered patches for your home or your brand, patches4less is your best choice. Work with us and we will make sure that you receive the patch design that you want and need. We ensure high quality customer service through our:

  •   Creative design team. We take pride in hiring the best designers. Our team is composed of talented and creative designers that are experienced when it comes to working with various clients. Each of our team members is equipped with the skills and the expertise to address any of your concerns.
  •   Collaborative support system. We work closely with our clients in order to fully grasp what they want and need in their embroidered patch. We listen carefully in order to incorporate every detail that they want to their design.
  •   Competitive pricing. We always stick with a budget that our customers tell us. Our competitive pricing makes it easier for our clients to create a well-designed patch without breaking their bank accounts.
  •   High quality materials. We guarantee that our materials are made of the highest quality materials in order to make every design detail count. We only want the best for our clients, which is why we only choose the best threads and materials.
  •  Custom-Embroidered Product delivery and completion. We are very particular when it comes to deadlines. We see to it that we deliver the best products on or before the indicated deadline. We want to meet our client demands without compromising the time frame indicated to us.

We cater to questions and inquiries for existing and prospective clients. If you have any concerns, you can simply contact us and we will get back to your inquiries as soon as possible. We also provide free sample quotations in order to help you make the final decision to work with us.