Outsourcing Your Pcb Assembly Requirements

Increasing demands for electronic products often put manufacturers in a quandary for the sourcing of components such as the Pcb assembly (Printed Circuit Board Assembly). PCBAs are ready to use printed circuit boards (PCB) wherein electrical components like capacitors, diodes, resistors and other required components have been mounted and soldered. These fit snugly inside electronic devices, performing input and output functions that enable multifunctional electronic appliances to operate smoothly.

The PCBA is a vital component of electronic products that require vast resources to produce –

Pcb-AssemblyDesign, manufacture of PCB, and the subsequent preparation of the Pcb assembly takes up an array of special equipment and skilled workers in this field. Thus it can be more cost effective to outsource rather than invest in the production of PCB/ PCBA for your products. Outsourcing allows you to focus on other aspects of your operation such as product development, final assembly and packaging, and marketing.

Outsourcing can be the answer to your business requirements but before taking a step in this direction, a cost and benefit analysis is called for. Large and small businesses can benefit from outsourcing because it reduces capital and operational expenses. Potential savings come from the cost of equipment and the salaries of additional personnel that eat up a good chunk of your budget. Likewise, there are less material inventory costs to consider and you will not need additional floor space for housing the operations for PCB fabrication and quick turn Pcb assembly. Outsourcing can give your business a break but you must not forget to look at the downsides when taking this decision.

After completing a cost and benefit analysis, choosing whom to take your business is next. Finding a supplier that you can count on to deliver vital product components on time as these are needed in the production lines is a major concern. You may prefer dealing with suppliers with local operations but the fact is most PCBA suppliers rely on offshore affiliates to meet the high volume demands from the electronics industry. Offshore sourcing results to a more complicated supply chain, but the prices are certainly competitive. That this arrangement is effective has been proven by owners of big name brands like Sony Electronics and Ericsson whose PCB/ PCBA requirements have been supplied by manufacturers with offshore operations.

For a reliable supply chain, you should opt to deal with one of the top players in offshore sourcing such as pcbnet.com to take care of your Pcb assembly requirements. The company has successfully established offshore PCB/ PCBA manufacturing operations in supplying the requirements of several OEMs for the past 18 years. Certainly, a good track record for timely delivery is critical when you have sales targets to fill and orders to deliver.

Quality of supply is as important as timeliness of delivery. Poor materials and inconsistent quality of work will negatively offset any cost savings realized from outsourcing. You can validate the reputation of the supplier by requesting a list of its clients. You can also look at the company’s compliance with IPC standards and request for certificates that confirm compliance with regulations imposed on the electronics industry. IPC standards are the globally accepted norms in the industry for quality and reliability that are understood and accepted by OEMs and EMS providers.

Choose wisely when partnering with a major supplier of PCB fabrication and assembly. Companies that take pride in building and maintaining solid business reputations like pcbnet.com are the ones to consider so that you can put your concerns at rest. Choosing the best in the business means you will be dealing with experts who know the cost of delays and the risks associated with poor workmanship.

Pcb Assembly

The best suppliers of PCBs and PCBAs are willing to work with you as partners in creating the best components for your products. The success of the product means bigger business, and good business practice dictates that everything that can be done must be done to ensure its success. This includes the development of prototypes for testing, and only companies with vast experience in the production of PCB/PCBA can assist you in doing this. Prototype-testing is important because it gives you ample time to identify flaws and streamline and simplify designs. A simpler design means fewer components, a more solid product, and reduced costs.

The development and evaluation of the prototype gives you the opportunity to work closely with your supplier before engaging in large volume production. Meeting with key personnel and visiting the facilities allow you to check the capability of the supplier to meet your requirements. More important, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the quality of work, level of expertise, and customer support that the company is willing to provide to its clients.

Manufacturing electronic devices is a big job but with the right partner, you can bring your product to the market with minimal fuzz. Choosing the right company to help you develop and then produce the quick turn Pcb assembly for your products is the first step to take when plans have been approved and work on the product drawing board has been completed.

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Storage Containers as Offices for Startup Companies

Storage-ContainersSome of the fastest growing businesses these days are small independent startup companies that are set up by entrepreneurs who want to make their own mark in the world. These startup companies are usually put up by people who are still in college or people who have very little capital but still want to try their luck at making it big. These entrepreneurs would tap into their own savings, take out loans, and run a crowd funding campaign just to get their ideas into production and up and running.

As if it isn’t tough enough to just get their business started, entrepreneurs have to face operational costs like paying employees, getting supplies, and finding a place where they can hold office that’s not too expensive. Some people get lucky while others end up setting up office in a cramped space the size of a matchbox because it’s the only thing that they can afford.

The good news is that there are other office options besides trying to fit an entire office in a 4 x 4 room somewhere on the outskirts of town. Our solution: storage containers.


We at movablecontainer.com know how expensive it can be to build your own office or home from scratch

It can also take a lot of planning and requisition of various permits, payment of fees and the like before you can actually begin to build. Building an office also takes up so much time. As a startup company, you probably don’t have that much money to begin with and your time is most precious. You’ll need to strike while the iron is hot or lose all the opportunities you should have gotten had you started your business sooner. So we’ve come up with a solution that will help you have a place where you can operate your business at a fraction of the cost of building an office using storage containers.

Storage containers are normally used by ships, cargo vessels, trucking companies, shipment deliveries and other transport businesses in transporting finished goods, and raw materials used for manufacturing. You probably see them being lugged around in highways and freeways by big trucks or at the docks where they are stacked up high. These containers are made of thick corrugated steel that’s sturdy enough for stacking even when completely full of goods. Being this strong and sturdy means they can be used for putting in office tables and chairs, cabinets full of files and house people as well making it the perfect starter office for entrepreneurs on a budget.

Our storage containers at movablecontainer.com can be rented or bought by customers

Both rented and bought containers can be delivered to your location of choice. We deliver within 3-4 days from date of order confirmation. We currently only deliver within the US.

We also have various container sizes to fit your needs. Whether you need a big office of up to 45 feet long or a smaller office at around 20 feet long, we have the perfect sized container for you. Our containers come in 20, 40 and 45 feet long at 8.6” tall. If you prefer a higher ceiling we also have 40 and 45 feet long containers at 9.6” tall.


Rented containers cannot be modified both inside and out. You can fit detachable walls, ceilings, and floorings inside the container which should not alter the container’s appearance or form in anyway. After the lease is over, you will also need to remove the fixtures you have added in and out of the container before we pick up the container from your location.

Storage Containers

These containers allow you to have your way with designing and decorating the container to make it suit your needs better. We offer reasonable, competitive prices with the best possible payment terms for all our containers. Just contact our sales representatives and they’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Buying your own container is still a lot cheaper than putting up a building

You can customize, modify, stack together, and create your own place of business using our containers for a lot less than putting up a one or two story structure. Once you have bought storage containers from us, you can modify the appearance to add more windows and doors, drill through the metal, connect them together, and many other things. Your imagination is the limit as to how much you can decorate the containers.

Movablecontainer.com offers a different kind of office space for entrepreneurs who are looking for cheaper alternatives to holding office in buildings. We are committed to helping you build your dream office at a lesser price so that you can use the rest of your capital on growing your business.

We at Movablecontainer.com, offer rental and purchase service of storage containers. If you need containers so you can contact to us and visit our website.