Different Uses of Custom Embroidered Patches

Custom EmbroideredPatches or cloth badges are pieces of embroidery that are created using materials such as thread and fabric backing. An embroidered patch can be attached to any form of clothing or apparel through sewing or pinning. However, due to the improvement in technology, a cloth badge can now be attached to clothing using Velcro, heat-activated adhesive and iron-on.

How Patches Help Businesses

For some, adding a patch to a shirt or a cap is a simple idea. However, what they do not realize that putting an embroidered patch on various merchandises can help a business or a start up in many ways:

  •   Brand Identity. A patch is similar to a business’ logo. It provides brand identity for the company and creates brand awareness for the target market. It represents certainty and stability, as your patch is an extension of your brand.
  •   Uniformity. Most custom embroidered patches are attached and sewn on uniforms. Whether they are attached on a uniform of a police officer or on a uniform or a student, the embroidered cloth badges still represent something. They represent an organization or a team in order to promote uniformity.
  •   Marketing. Adding a patch to your brand’s merchandises such shirts, bags, caps and other accessories is a great way to promote your brand. Each customer who purchases your patched products is a walking advertisement. Wherever your customers go, they are advertising your brand without even realizing it. They are showcasing your brand name and logo to other target customers. As a result, you are also expanding your brand awareness using a small, simple and effective marketing tool.

A patch may be a small and simple embroidered badge, but it can help establish a brand name with just one look.

patches4less: Creating Custom Embroidered Patches

Creating a patch for your business logo can make or break your entire marketing efforts. Therefore, you should only trust experienced companies that create high-quality custom embroidered patches.

Patches4less creates customized cloth badges and iron-on emblems that are designed according to your needs. We are your one-stop custom patch shop that specializes in creating patches that are suitable for any purpose or occasion. Whether you want a personalized patch or a uniformed patch, we can create them easily for you.

Work With patches4less

When it comes to creating custom embroidered patches for your home or your brand, patches4less is your best choice. Work with us and we will make sure that you receive the patch design that you want and need. We ensure high quality customer service through our:

  •   Creative design team. We take pride in hiring the best designers. Our team is composed of talented and creative designers that are experienced when it comes to working with various clients. Each of our team members is equipped with the skills and the expertise to address any of your concerns.
  •   Collaborative support system. We work closely with our clients in order to fully grasp what they want and need in their embroidered patch. We listen carefully in order to incorporate every detail that they want to their design.
  •   Competitive pricing. We always stick with a budget that our customers tell us. Our competitive pricing makes it easier for our clients to create a well-designed patch without breaking their bank accounts.
  •   High quality materials. We guarantee that our materials are made of the highest quality materials in order to make every design detail count. We only want the best for our clients, which is why we only choose the best threads and materials.
  •  Custom-Embroidered Product delivery and completion. We are very particular when it comes to deadlines. We see to it that we deliver the best products on or before the indicated deadline. We want to meet our client demands without compromising the time frame indicated to us.

We cater to questions and inquiries for existing and prospective clients. If you have any concerns, you can simply contact us and we will get back to your inquiries as soon as possible. We also provide free sample quotations in order to help you make the final decision to work with us.

Getting Clients To Choose You As Their Motivational Speaker

We at motivational-speaker-success.com make it a point to instill in the mind of all the speakers we train and who eventually become part of our company’s roster of speakers one thing – they are first & foremost entrepreneurs. We remind them that they are their own business and that their message or presentation is their product. Like every business, if a motivational speaker wants to become successful, it is necessary to market himself well to prospective clients.

All great motivational speakers are also great salesmen and women. Aside from creating relevant and meaningful presentations with a message that resonates to the core of people. They also have the ability to package their product and market it effectively to clients.

How do the best motivational speakers make client choose them to speak at their events?
Read on below for a few pro tips that can give you the same results.

Motivational-speakera. Focus on promotion – When it comes to managing your time as a motivational speaker, this formula should be the rule: 15% message or product creation and 85% self-promotion to future clients, although making sure you have a great product or message to sell more time should be spent promoting it to your market rather than developing it. If you spend 2 hours every day creating and developing your presentation then 8 hours or more of that day should be spent making sure your client or the world knows about it. If clients know you are out there, they will take notice and consider booking you for an event.

b. The rule of seven in sales stipulates that a sale only occurs after the buyer and the seller have communicated with each other seven times. Make sure you are always top of mind of your future clients by getting in touch with them often. You can send regular emails informing them of your activities, your website, or sharing published articles you have written.

One promotional activity our speakers engage in here at motivational-speaker-success.com is sending samples of our work to our clients. Clients love receiving books, podcasts, videos of a motivational speaker’s work. It is the best way for them to understand who they are and how they work. It works as an effective calling card for many successful motivational speakers.

c. Much like any business, especially if you are seeing growth. Let’s say you’re getting frequent speaking engagements, or the book you have published became a bestseller book. The regular podcast is gaining serious following and you now have name recall with client. The next step would be to get a small sales team together to manage the demands of your brand, which is on a growth trajectory. Some of the more courageous motivational speakers at motivational-speaker-success.com don’t even wait for growth signs to happen. They create the sales team to make the growth happen.


d. The best part about having a sales team is you can spread your reach farther than if you were doing it on your own. The sales team can be given quotas to aim for so that you can make income projections for your business. It is a great motivation for your team to market and sell your product by booking speaking engagements, increasing published work sales, and everything else in between.

e. Marketing, instead of advertising, is a practical way of engaging future clients. Investing in an ad campaign to reach your market is expensive. Unless you have the money to fund it, it is always better to write a column or article for key business magazines or journals to reach future clients. This way, they can see firsthand the quality of your work and it will not cost you a cent.

f. At motivational-speaker-success.com, we always encourage new motivational speakers, those who are just starting in the trade, to keep their day job. Expect the beginning to be bumpy. There will be seasons of abundance and there will be seasons of lack. The reason for this is new motivational speakers are just beginning to build their brand. This stage of the business is the toughest and often the longest. Make sure you have a regular source of income that can tide you through. Do not quit your day job until your career as a motivational speaker is set and you can engage in the building of it full time.

g. Know your worth. When it comes to negotiating your fee for each speaking engagement, have a number in mind already. Whatever you do, let the client tell you their budget then negotiate from there. Never let the client know your fee first. Always know your maximum fee and ask about the hour long speaking engagement. Always have a minimum fee, which is the minimum amount you will be willing to do the speaking engagement for and are willing to walk away from unless client is willing to give said minimum amount.


All great motivational speakers at motivational-speaker-success.com have experienced success because they understood that they are their own business. In order for client to choose them as their motivational speaker, they have to make sure that the client knows who they are. They achieve this by creating an effective sales and marketing program for their brand.

Best Golfing Products From Taylormade Golf

Taylormade Golf Company is committed to creating the best performing golf products in the world. True to their commitment of helping golf players of all levels reach their potential,  Taylormade has made various golf-related products that offer superior performance and quality workmanship.

Taylormade is a premium brand and, therefore, has the reputation for not being so affordable. However, one of the top golf discount retailers in the world, rockbottomgolf.com, offers premium  Taylormade Golf products at very reasonable prices. This retailer guarantees the lowest price in the market. You get the same benefit of premium golfing equipment and accessories at super discounted rates.

If you love  Taylormade golfing products and accessories, here’s a list of some of the best golfing products from  Taylormade. These are all available at rockbottomgolf.com.

1. Golf Clubs

Taylormade has always made a commitment to provide the best golfing equipment for avid golfers like you. In fact, the company actually started in 1979 with just one product – a 12-degree stainless steel driver.  Taylormade Golf has top-notch drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, wedges, iron sets, and putters. Check out their high-rated and tour-certified golf clubs that are available at discounted rates.


If you are looking for a quality driver, check out the M1 model, which is  Taylormade’s longest driver available. It has a three-step head adjustment and it also has three after-market stock shafts. If you are looking for iron sets, their M2 models are designed for you to achieve maximum distance. These irons fly far and high and feature key technologies such as a fluted hosel, speed pocket, a thin face with inverted cone technology, and a 360 degree undercut. Their Tour Preferred wedge line are now made with a technology called Electroformed groove technology, which is embedded within a carbon steel body.

2. Bags and Carts

There are several stand bag models available from  Taylormade. There’s the Quiver, Tourlite and Purelite models. The Quiver model has a micro stand system, which is smaller than the standard legs of a stand bag. If you are on the lookout for a stand bag that is smaller, then the Quiver is ideal. It has six pockets, a full length divider, and crush resistant construction. The Purelite model, on the other hand is a bigger bag. It has a 5-way top and two full length dividers. It 10 pockets include a rangefinder pocket, a tee pocket, a ball pocket, a mesh utility pocket, a beverage pocket, and many more. Even if it is a bigger bag, it is relatively light at4.8 pounds.

If you prefer a cart bag over a stand bag, then the Catalina model is for you. It features a 15-way top with a rain hood, 4 full-length dividers, an integrated water resistant umbrella slot, and an over sized integrated putter well. It only weighs 6.1 pounds.

3. Golf Balls


All amateurs agree that the number one golf ball for them is the  Taylormade Project (a). Specially crafted by  Taylormade engineers, this ball is designed for competitive mid-handicap players. It has a cast urethane cover that is soft yet durable. It is such a popular ball that it was voted the number one amateur golf ball at the 2014 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro Am. On the other hand, the  Taylormade Aeroburner Golf Balls is designed to fly fast and far, and its soft feel comes from the iothane cover.

For professionals, the preferred choice is the  Taylormade Tour Preferred X golf balls. It is a 5-layered ball that provides distance for long shots, and controlled flight for short irons and wedges. For ladies, the  Taylormade Lady Kalea series is specifically crafted for a woman’s game. It features low compression and a softer feel. If you need more distance, choose TM Distance plus Golf Balls, a  Taylormade product that is engineered for maximum distance. Its large core and 2-piece construction provides optimum performance.

4. Apparel

Taylormade has several caps available in various colors and designs. Aside from caps, they also have a water-resistant storm bucket hat with a fully seam-sealed crown. They also have several golf T-shirts, particularly the Carlsbad and Heritage lines. These shirts come in various colors and sizes as well.

5. Accessories

Some of the highest-rated  Taylormade golf accessories are their gloves. The most popular models are the MLH ST Pro Golf Glove, the MLH TP, the MLH Targa, and the MLH Stratus Sport. All of  Taylormade’s gloves are made from synthetic fabric that allows for comfort and long-lasting fit. On the palm and fingers are tiny perforations that allow breath ability and keeps hand dry and comfortable.


Other  Taylormade accessories available are their golf umbrellas, towels, and head covers. Available models for the head covers are the 2016 Rescue Head cover and the 2016 Driver Head cover.  Taylormade head covers are made from semi-perforated polyester with an elastic ribbed sock.